We are trusted advisors, not simply tax return preparers.

Per the initial consultation we determine a fixed fee for our expat tax services and international tax consulting. There are no hidden fees. We believe this philosophy encourages our clients to contact us before any tax problems occur.

We provide excellent service at affordable rates. We are able to offer the same (or higher) level of expertise and service you would receive from the Big 4 firms, but at rates that are generally 65% – 75% of the cost of the big firms, or even less in many cases. We care about our clients. Our relationship with a client does not end after we filed an expat tax return. To learn more about our customer reviews, please click the link.

♦ We offer US and UK tax preparation services.

♦ We offer consultations by phone or Skype.

♦ New Client Referral credits.

♦ We don’t charge VAT (on US tax returns)

Please contact us for a custom quote.