Expat Tax Services for Americans abroad, Foreign Nationals and Green Card Holders

International Tax Experts and Advisors

ExpatTaxCpaServices.com is an advisory services firm that specializes in domestic and international tax issues. Big 4 firm quality advice and best personal approach. We focus on US expat tax services, expatriate tax preparation, renunciation assistance for Americans abroad and IRS help.

Our Process

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- Our goal is to help our clients navigate US and international law. We are personal advisors. We strive to make the process easy, simple, secure and accurate.
- Complete Contact Form.
- Communicate with our CPA within 24 hours.
- CPA works on your return.
- Review your return.
- E-file your return

Our Services

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- Federal and state returns
- Expatriate tax returns
- Foreign investors, Nonresidents
- Foreign trust and partnership
- CFC corporation form 5471
- Small business returns
- International consulting

Our Difference

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- We are international tax experts.
- We are not just preparers.
- We are expat tax advisors.
- We care about our clients.
- We offer Big 4 firm quality advice.
- We offer proactive and personal service.
- We provide year-round support.
- We have helped clients in over 125 countries.

US Expat Tax Services for American expats, foreign nationals and green card holders.

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